John AdejoroOluwa, a teacher of the word, was a pastor at Foursquare Gospel Church, Lagos, Nigeria for ten years. Some of his life-changing works include: What is Babylon?, Dealing Wisely with the Sins of my Youth, If The Foundations Be Destroyed, What can the Righteous Do?, Embracing His Cross, Exercising My Spirit man to Follow the Lord, and Generation Cords and Their Effects. Some of his works are yet to be published.

He is the host of the radio programme, The Power of Endless Life received across Nigeria and the West Coast. As a missionary and apostolic teacher of the word called to explain the Gospel of the Kingdom, John travels widely with the message that we need to experience the power of endless life.

No doubt infused by the fragrance of the Lord Jesus Christ, John’s teaching ministry can be described by two words: gentle teacher. He teaches at many conferences and in ministry trips in Africa, the UK, America and Canada, being faithful to disseminate the recovery of lost truths of the Faith without apology.

John is an alumna of the famous Bible College of Wales founded by the Welsh miner, Rees Howells used mightily of God in the last century to ignite revival in Africa and also affect the course of world events through prayer, of whom Norman Grubb wrote the biography, Rees Howells, Intercessor.
In addition to his busy schedule he is also a columnist in select journals of the faith.

John, his wife, Lydia and their five children, live in Lagos, Nigeria.

John AdejoroOluwa

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